ink on paper, 2020

refusi means typos, and it is a work that addresses the generational distances between parents and children, sometimes unbridgeable.


In 2017 I made the artist's book Attraverso (Through), containing one of my poems on the Calabrian land, oppressed for decades by the problem of the mafia and by cultural and economic backwardness. The book opens with a pop-up paper sidewalk running down to the floor.

The sidewalk is formed by printings of the real tiles of the Reggio Calabria sidewalk and can be walked on by the public.

In the same year, I took part in an exhibition at the Museum of contemporary art of Rende, in Calabria, and while the work was on display, my father corrected some printing errors in the book with a pen by hand.

It took 3 years to metabolize what happened and to make of those corrections, and no longer of the book itself, a work of art.

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